After Birth Weight Loss

After Birth Weight Loss

On average a women can put on anything from fifteen to twenty five additional pounds of weight when they are pregnant, I should know, over the past few years I have had two beautiful babies, both of which I put on tremendous amounts of weight.

The one question so many women ask is why they put on so much weight and give birth to a six pound baby, where did the other nineteen or even twenty pounds come from? There is so many different factors from the weight of the baby and amniotic fluid weight to just general weight, the good news is once your baby is born you lose up to ten pounds immediately, the rest will need a little work.

Before you start planning your after birth weight loss, I want to remind you that it took nine months to put on the weight, so you want to ensure you lose the weight steadily and safely so that you can maintain the weight loss moving forward.

Set weekly goals

I understand how hard it is to set yourself a weight loss plan when trying to look after a new baby. I always recommend you give yourself a week or two before you start dieting, believe me your baby is going to keep you very busy and you have to take careful consideration, especially if you have had a C section, giving your body time to heal before you start putting it on a strict diet and exercise routine.

Weekly goals are more achievable when you are also running around looking after a new baby. Weekly goals enable you to work towards smaller goals, increasing their size each week. So for the first week we can focus on slowly incorporating some minor exercise with a healthy eating plan. Remember a healthy eating plan will benefit your baby especially if you have decided to breast feed.


I will recommend that you breast feed. Some women prefer not to, but the fact that breast feeding can help you lose up to five hundred calories a day is motivation to give your baby a good start in life. It's a fact that doctors and nurses recommend breast feeding to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients and minerals that they need to grow strong and healthy.

Well Balanced Diet

The good news is that starting with a healthy and well-balanced diet is something you can start straight away, in fact you should have already been making healthy food choices throughout your pregnancy. With my health and nutrition training, I can help you make smarter diet choices that will help you lose your unwanted after birth weight and provide your baby with all the nutrients that he or she needs.


Light exercise is also something you can start incorporating into your day straight away. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking your baby out on a nice day for a gentle stroll around the neighbourhood. Let me put an effective exercise plan in place for you based on your current fitness levels and see the results you can achieve.

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