Home Consultations

Home Consultations

I am delighted to be able to provide my clients with home consultations throughout the Hertfordshire area. Don't worry, if you are a bit further away or even in another country, I can assist via Skype.

I find that providing home consultations for my diet programmes is an effective way to meet my new clients and discuss their weight loss requirements with them while they are comfortable and relaxed in their own homes.

Initial Consultation

My passion is to assist you in achieving your fitness and weight loss goals quickly and effectively. The initial consultation is when I learn more about you and your needs and goals. It's also an opportunity for me to explain my services and assist you in achieving your goals in the safest and most effective manner.

Some of the things we will discuss during the initial home consultation is your desired weight loss and how much weight you can lose if you follow my programme to the letter. I will meticulously develop a weight loss programme for you based on your specific weight loss goals and requirements.

Let's admit it, no one enjoys dieting and often choosing fad or crash diets seems an easy solution, but in the long run you are not going to achieve the long term results you want to achieve. It's essential that your weight loss programme is designed specifically for you, enabling you to eat well-balanced and healthy meals without bouts of hunger in-between. This initial home consultations is so I can get to know you better, learn about your habits and preferences so I can formulate a diet that is guaranteed to help you lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off moving forward.

Expert Advice

I have always been passionate when it comes to healthy living. I believe in eating a healthy well-balanced diet and doing plenty of exercise to keep me fit and healthy. This resulted in me studying health and nutrition to improve my knowledge and enable me to share my passion and experience with others.

After the birth of both my babies, I was dedicated to losing the weight as quickly as I could and developed a system that guaranteed success.

One on One Service

I am your personalised weight loss consultant, so you will work with me and only me. I specialise in women’s weight loss and you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns and eating habits openly with me, so I can make sure I can provide you with the best diet plan that will help you lose weight and enjoy a healthier eating lifestyle mouing forward.

Let's Achieve Your Goals Together

I will work with you to ensure you work to the programme tailored to your needs. We will work together with your goals in sight to ensure that you achieve your weight loss and embrace a healthy and well-balanced diet at home. My full range of services include:

  • Food planning
  • Weight loss plans
  • Personalised recipes
  • Home and online consultations
  • Craving management
  • Disorder eating
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Body Maintenance
  • Exercise planning
  • After birth weight loss

Contact me now and see how I can help you with your dietary needs.

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